a) Pick your fluidity depending on number of defenders (CB, SB, DM, WB)

3 defenders = very fluid

4 defenders = fluid

5 defenders = flexible

6 defenders = structured

7 defenders = highly structured


b) Pick your duties by depending on fluidity

highly structured = 0-1 support duties

structured = 2-3 support duties

flexible = 4-5 support duties

fluid = 6-7 support duties

very fluid = 8-9 support duties


c) Pick mentality depending on number of attackers (W, AMC, ST)

5 attackers = attacking

4 attackers = control

3 attackers = standard

2 attackers = counter

1 attacker = defensive


d) Determine your focus point depending on mentality and fluidity, and if the spot is occupied by a player, make sure he is a quality player

1a. attacking = CB/FB

2a. control = DM/WB

3a. standard = CM/WM

4a. counter = AMC/W

5a. defensive = ST

1b. very fluid = right

2b. fluid = centre right

3b. flexible = centre

4b. structured = centre left

5b. highly structured = left


e) Fluidity and mentality concerns

more fluid = better individual quality, better decisions, more chances created, weaker defence

less fluid = better teamwork, better defending, dumb player decisions that may result with penalties or cards

more agressive = more shots, more injuries, worse fitness, referee might not like you, attractive football fans like, good at crosses, susceptible to through balls

less agressive = fewer shots, less injuries, better fitness, referee will like you, anti-football, good at through balls, susceptible to crosses

medium fluidity and mentality = no obvious pros, susceptible to set pieces, match outcome will likey be a draw