1) Pick a formation and adjust mentality depending on number of attackers in your formation (ST & AMCLR).
a) no attackers = attacking
b) 1 attacker = control
c) 2 attackers = standard
d) 3 attackers = counter
e) 4 attackers = defensive
2) Adjust player roles and duties according to your mentality.
a) defensive = SKa, LIBa, BPDd, FBa, REGs, CWBa, BTBs, WPs, TREa, CFs
b) counter = SKs, LIBs, CDd, FBs, DMs, WBs, CMd, WMd, AMCa, WINa, DLFa
c) standard = SKd, LIBs, CDd, FBs, DMs, WBs, MCa, WMa, AMCa, WINa, DFd
d) control = GKd, SWa, LDd, FBs, DMs, WBs, CMa, WMa, AMCa, WINa, AFa
e) attacking = GKd, SWa, LDd, FBs, DMd, WBd, MCs, WMs, AMCs
3) Adjust fluidity depending on number of support duties in your team, excluding the GK.
a) 7 support duties = very fluid
b) 6 support duties = fluid
c) 5 support duties = flexible
d) 4 support duties = structured
e) 3 support duties = highly structured
4) Calculate the position of your strong spot.
a) highly structured = left
b) structured = central left
c) flexible = central
d) fluid = central right
e) very fluid = right
a) defensive = ST
b) counter = AMC
c) standard = MC
d) control = DM
e) attacking = CB
5) My IBAN, if you feel generous = HR64 2340 0093 213257203
P.S. Attacking is most efficient in first 20 min, control in next 20 min, etc.